Independent employment investigations by Ken Anderson

Unfair dismissal, workplace bullying, employee theft and other serious misconduct cases are often best investigated by a competent employment lawyer. As an experienced independent investigator, I specialise in investigating employment misconduct and reporting on the findings.

Investigation into unfair dismissal cases

Unfair dismissal cases need detailed, objective investigation. These cases can have serious consequences for employers and employees and should be investigated by an experienced independent investigator with a sound knowledge of employment law. When you hand the investigation over to me, as an independent investigator with expertise in employment law, I will be able to conduct an effective investigation that will lead to a legally acceptable conclusion. I can assess the situation and advise you on the action required. The report I give you will be clearly set out in plain language, with recommendations that comply with best employment practices.

Independent investigation of workplace bullying and misconduct

I have successfully investigated workplace bullying, employment discrimination and serious workplace misconduct cases over many years. You can rely on my deep knowledge of employment law, pragmatic approach and methodical attention to detail in this area of the law. These situations are usually fraught with emotion and very difficult for all parties affected. You will find me to be an objective, respected employment investigator who is familiar with the relevant employment legislation. I can conduct a thorough investigation calmly and efficiently without escalating the problem. I will establish a rapport with all parties, conduct non-threatening interviews and gain a balanced understanding of the circumstances leading to the problem. At the end of the process, I will write you a detailed report in plain English setting out my conclusions and recommendations.