Ken Anderson: employment mediation services

Employment mediation can be a valuable process in resolving employment disputes. Appointing an experienced employment mediator can help you avoid expensive litigation, stress and time.

I have the skills to assist you as an independent third party for employment dispute resolution, having mediated and adjudicated employment disputes as a member of the Employment Tribunal, the Employment Relations Authority, and the Mediation Service of the Department of Labour.

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Employment disputes heat up when conflict occurs; personalities clash and communications break down. It's always best to act quickly to resolve the conflict, rather than ignore it and hope tempers will calm down. Work productivity suffers for as long as the situation remains unsettled.

An employment mediator can control workplace disputes effectively

An experienced, effective mediator can assess the problem objectively, and successfully resolve the dispute. When the parties involved know the problem is being investigated by a neutral and well-qualified legal advisor, they generally accept my decisions as fair and final.

With the conflict resolved, the workplace will settle down to being productive once more. By acting quickly, you've regained control of the situation and re-established normal working conditions. Everyone will feel happier; you've saved time, avoided stress and limited your expenses.