Employment law advice can avoid expense and stress for you

Employment law advice, taken before problems get out of hand, will save you time and money. You can take the heat out of conflicts and disputes in the workplace by seeking employment law advice early on from a dependable, experienced employment lawyer. Consulting a well-qualified lawyer for reliable employment law advice is the most efficient way to manage your business. With a well-defined path to follow, you can relax and concentrate on being productive, instead of dealing with dysfunctional employment relationships.

Employment legislation advice in plain English

With expert knowledge of every aspect of employment law, I'm able to explain the requirements of the Employment Relations Act in terms that relate to your own business. The same applies to all the other acts that form the pillars of our employment legislation; you wouldn't be alone in finding them abstract, unwieldy concepts to come to terms with in their original legal form.

I can make employment law relevant to your situation, in plain English, giving you a clear understanding of how to manage employment relationships so that they comply with current employment legislation.