Employment agreement legal services

Employment agreements for individual needs

Employment agreements can be a minefield for businesses. Clear, comprehensive employment agreements are essential if you are to avoid workplace employment disputes and possible litigation proceedings. As with all contracts, legal advice will guide you safely through complex employment legislation.

I can assist you with drafting employment agreements that will meet your essential legal obligations, taking into account the specific requirements of large and small businesses. Employment agreements need to address the individual needs of each occupation.

As a member of the Employment Relations Authority, I have adjudicated around one thousand employment law disputes. Therefore, I have a keen appreciation of the importance of a strong, watertight employment agreement that has taken into account the legal rights of every signatory.

A secure employment agreement protects your employment rights

As an employee, you need to be sure your employment agreement legally protects your individual employment rights before you sign it. A poorly worded contract will always lead to difficulties. Signing a correctly worded employment agreement will protect your workplace rights. Signing an inadequate employment agreement leaves you in a vulnerable position.

The Employment Relations Act 2000

The Employment Relations Act is the lynch pin of all employment agreements in New Zealand. Come to me for an accurate interpretation of its essential requirements as they relate to you and your employment agreement. Misunderstanding your legal employment obligations as regards employment relations could result in very expensive litigation.

The Holidays Act

The New Zealand Holidays Act frequently causes grief to employees and employers, and can soak up hours of your time. I can give you reliable advice on how the Holiday Act affects you, so you can be sure you are not disadvantaged in any way. As employers, you are required to be clear about your legal obligations to your staff, and as employees, you will want to be aware of your own rights.

The Health and Safety in Employment Act

The Health and Safety in Employment Act has very subtle implications for employers and employees. There are many facets of this act that affect you, and that you need to know about. With a comprehensive understanding of employment legislation, I can explain your best course of action in terms of your own situation.

Consult me on the preparation of employment agreements that comply with all aspects of employment law, so that you have a sound understanding of your employment rights.