Over 30 Years' Experience.

I am a competent and effective employment lawyer with 30 years' experience practising in the fields of employment relations, mediation and employment law. For the last 15 years (until July 2014) I was engaged as an independent mediator and adjudicator. Firstly, as a member of the Employment Tribunal, where I held a joint mediation and adjudication warrant following my appointment by the Minister of Labour. Upon the introduction of the Employment Relations Act 2000, I was engaged within the new Mediation Service of the Department of Labour, as one of the original mediators based on my past industrial relations experience and as a member of the Employment Tribunal. I have successfully assisted employer and employee parties to reach agreement in many disputes involving often complex issues, including collective bargaining matters and the severance of executive appointments where for various reasons, relationships have broken down at a high level of the organisation.

In 2002, I was appointed by the Minister of Labour to be a a member of the Employment Relations Authority. In the latter role I have adjudicated approximately 1000 employment law disputes, involving all aspects of employment law, including restraint of trade matters, interim injunctions, complex personal grievances and basic legal entitlements, such as holiday pay and minimum pay rates.
I have also spent three years practising employment law in London where I obtained an insight into international linkages between different jurisdictions.

With my considerable experience I am able to provide quality advice on all employment-related matters, including an essential risk analysis where employment disputes arise.