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Upon the introduction of 90 days trial period provisions into the Employment Relations Act 2000 (section 67A), many employers thought that at last they would have the means to test the suitability of a new employee for a position and if the employment relationship didn't work out, for any reason, then the employment could simply be terminated without any fear of facing a potentially traumatic and expensive personal grievance. But of course, as has now been made clear since Employment Court decid...

September 8, 2016

SHOW ME THE MONEY (with apologies to Tom Cruise, aka Jerry Maguire)

Some applicants, having successfully pursued an action in the Employment Relations Authority or the Employment Court may well have uttered the memorable words from Jerry Maguire when the cold, hard reality of the final outcome is revealed after costs, time and trauma are accounted for. Indeed, in some cases there is little or no money to "show" the successful grievant. Why so, you ask? Surely, if a grievant obtains a legal determination in their favour from the adjudicator, then the outcome sho...

March 7, 2016

Welcome to my blog page. It's designed to open viewer's minds to current and new employment law issues while providing some commentary that may be of general interest and maybe even of some assistance.


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