30 years’ experience
in Employment Law

Employment rights expertise

Ken Anderson Employment Lawyer - HAMILTON

Employment law: employment relations, mediation, adjudication and workplace disputes – come to Ken Anderson for astute legal advice on your employment rights, backed by 30 years of legal experience, including employment adjudication and mediation.

Expert advice on employment legislation

Employment law affects us all; from employment agreements to workplace relationships, we occasionally need an objective, knowledgeable legal advisor to steer us through the complexities of employment legislation. As a barrister and solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand who has practised employment law for many years, I can readily simplify employment relations law for you.

Employment disputes and mediation

I've provided effective guidance in employment law for clients during the last 30 years, and can offer you advice and legal representation on any employment problems you may encounter. Tensions and pressure can make your workplace unproductive and unpleasant, with breakdowns in communication that lead to further difficulties.

As an experienced independent investigator and mediator who has adjudicated on national panels for many years, I can work with you to resolve your workplace disputes so that employment relationships can operate constructively.